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What to Expect

The process typically begins with a consultation. It can be over coffee, at the client’s home, or in my studio. The consultation is sort of a “get to know you” session where we can discuss expectations and desires. The consultation is helpful when it comes to the portrait session itself, as it helps relieve some of the anxiety inherent when posing in front of a camera. During the consultation we also talk about the process, look through my portfolio, discuss ideas for the shoot, and decide on a date and location. The whole process is designed to be a collaborative endeavor.

The portrait session itself typically lasts one to two hours, although this varies and to a large degree depends on the client. We can talk and relax and have a cup of coffee before or during the shoot and work at a languid pace, or get right down to business and work at a faster pace. The client is welcome to bring along a friend if doing so makes them feel more comfortable. In any case, we will keep shooting until both the client and I are satisfied with what we have.

I typically suggest that the client wear solid colored clothing for the shoot. As a general guideline, black, gray, or white tend to work best with black & white, although there are no hard and fast rules as far as color, patterns, or style. Whatever suits the individual is really what’s best, and changing clothes during the shoot for a different look is encouraged. Different clothes have a way of bringing out different facets of a person’s personality.

Make-up and hair styling I leave to the client. I can certainly offer guidelines as to what tends to work best with black & white photography, but once again hair and make-up are a personal choice. If it helps, the client can have someone else help with both hair and make-up if they’re not comfortable doing so themselves.