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Photography Links


APUG – Analog Photography Users Group. A large interactive site devoted solely to traditional photography.

Photo.net – Huge database of photography related questions and answers. Allows users to post images and receive feedback as well.

Unblinking Eye - Offers a wealth of information on traditional photography and various alternative processes.


Michael Kenna - Landscape photographer with a very distinctive but much emulated style.

Michael Smith – Large format black and white landscape photographer that focuses on contact prints using Kodak Azo paper.

Ron van Dongen – Portland-based photographer specializing in natural light of flowers.

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders - Studio portrait photographer with a straightforward style focusing on artists, musicians, and celebrities.

William Coupon - New York based portrait photographer with a unique style using a single light source.


Adorama – New York City based photography mega-store offering a huge selection, low prices, and reputable services.

Artcraft Chemicals - Offers a comprehensive range of photographic chemical solutions for a variety of photographic processes.

B&H – Direct competitor to Adorama and very similar in almost every way. It’s hard to go wrong with either store.

KEH - World’s largest used camera dealer. Massive selection and very reputable.

Light Impressions - Online store with the highest quality archival storage and presentation materials for photographs and artwork.


Houston Center for Photography – A non-profit organization based in Houston sponsoring exhibits, auctions, workshops, and more.

Texas Photographic Society – A Texas based non-profit organization of amateur and professional photographers.